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Natco Pharma launches Chlorantraniliprole foliar insecticide Natvol & Natligo in India

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07 October 2022, New Delhi: Natco Pharma Limited announced the launch of two Chlorantraniliprole (CTPR) pesticide formulated combination products under the brand names Natvol (Technical: Chlorantraniliprole 8.8% + Thiamethoxam 17.5 % SC); and Natligo (Technical: Chlorantraniliprole 9.3% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 4.6% ZC).

Both products are broad-spectrum, foliar insecticides used across wide range of crops. Syngenta markets these combination products under brand names Voliam Flexi® and Ampligo®. We estimate the market size of the CTPR combination products to around Rs 800 crore in India.

NATCO is the first company, after Syngenta, to launch above mentioned CTPR combination products in India. It follows on the heels of indigenously manufactured CTPR formulation 18.5 per cent SC launched by NATCO recently under brand name NATGEN. NATCO has challenged FMC for revocation of their patents for these combination products that are marketed by Syngenta, and the case is pending before the High Court of Delhi. NATCO is committed to bringing high quality agrochemical products at affordable prices to farmers across India.

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