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Agrow Allied Ventures starts manufacturing chlorantraniliprole technical and registers product in the EU

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07 August 2023, EU: Agrow Allied Ventures announced that the Company has started manufacturing the product Chlorantraniliprole technical (″CTPR″) and have also received the EU registration.

CTPR is a broad-spectrum insecticide. it provides an effective and long duration of insect control with its unique mode of action in crops like sugarcane, rice, soybean, pulses, vegetables, potatoes, grapes, and cotton by controlling all Lepidoptera and other species.

Agrow Allied was established with a vision to revolutionize the agriculture sector and protect the menace faced by the farmers due to weeds, insects, and pests. Agrow Allied is in the process of launching a range of new technical products on a yearly basis. This year the Company has started the manufacturing of the new product Dinotefuran and Thiocyclam Hydrogen oxalate.

All these products will help the Company in maintaining the goal of a minimum of 30% growth and a healthy bottom line in the current financial year.

Agrow Allied’s new upcoming products include Pyroxasulfone, Pinoxaden, Haloxyfop R Methyl, and Tembotrione.

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