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Best Agrolife launches Two Indigenously Manufactured CTPR Products

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24 November 2022, New Delhi: Best Agrolife Limited (BAL) recently organized a Mega Distributors’ Meet and launched two new CTPR based formulations Citigen and Vistara in Pattaya, Bangkok. 

Best Agrolife is the first Indian agrochemical company to manufacture CTPR technical indigenously. The meet was exclusively held for the distributors from Maharashtra. Mr. Raajan Kumar Ailawadhi, Executive Director, BAL and the entire marketing team of Best Agrolife Limited along with more than 170 distributors attended this event.

Vimal Alawadhi, Managing Director of Best Agrolife Ltd., says, “We are raising the bar of innovation with every new product launch. Best Agro has invested heavily in enhancing its research and development capabilities. As is the case with each of our products, the newly launched Citigen and Vistara provide highly effective and affordable solutions to pest control in agriculture. While on the one hand, these will be a boon for the farmers and enhance their productivity, they will also provide our distributors and dealers with a marketing edge.”

There is extensive usage of CTPR (Chlorantraniliprole) based products, and its market size is more than Rs. 2000 crore at present, which is a total of 8 per cent of the pesticide market.

Chlorantraniliprole brands Citigen and Vistara

Citigen (Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 % W/W SC) is a broad-spectrum insecticide with exceptional insecticide efficacy, longer rain fastness, and low mammalian toxicity. Other than sugarcane and rice, Citigen is highly recommended for controlling pests of cabbage, cotton, tomato, chili, soybean, brinjal, pigeon pea, Bengal gram, black gram, bitter gourd, okra, maize, and groundnut crop. It acts on Ball worms, stem borers, fruit borers, gram pod borers, stem flies, tobacco caterpillars, and pod borers.

Vistara (Chlorantraniliprole 0.4 % GR) prevents the build-up of shoot borer and stem borer populations in paddy and sugarcane and protects growers from incurring losses due to low crop yield and thereby maximizing output. Due to its high insecticidal potency and novel mode of action, it effectively controls pests that are resistant to other insecticides. Due to its low dosage, it is safe for the environment as well.

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