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Bayer Expands Movento® MPC Insecticide/Nematicide Label for Southeastern Growers

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Movento® MPC is registered for use in 227 additional crops in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

13 August 2021. Atlanta: Bayer is bringing southeastern growers a newly expanded label of Movento® MPC Insecticide/Nematicide for registered crops, including fruiting vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. This innovative insecticide provides growers with another option to include in their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to proactively and effectively help treat whiteflies and other above- and below-ground pests.

Movento MPC, a product that contains the same active ingredient as Movento insecticide, provides growers with long-lasting efficacy and protection and is now registered for use in 227 additionalcrops. Its two-way systemic movement protects the entire plant above and below ground and even in dense canopies where whiteflies and other pests can be difficult to spot. 

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Whiteflies are typically found on the undersides of young leaves and can be especially detrimental to tomato plants with the larvae extracting sap from the leaves. This can debilitate potential growth, causing irregular ripening of tomatoes and possibly spread Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV). TYLCV can be retained for the duration of the plant’s life, inflicting severe damage to the plant and impacting growers’ yields and profits.  

“Movento MPC is a proven product that we are excited to bring to southeastern fruit and vegetable growers. This innovative product will now help growers proactively protect their plants from whiteflies and the diseases they vector all while providing peace of mind with its residual control,” shares Monte Sorensen, Bayer product manager for Movento.

The active ingredient in Movento MPC is spirotetramat, a mode of action that activates when ingested by insects that feed on treated plants. Movento MPC should be used preventively with two foliar applications to enable above- and below-ground protection during critical crop growth stages. Sorensen continues, “Prevention is key. or tomato growers, we recommend Movento MPC applications at three and five weeks after transplanting. And always with an appropriate adjuvant to ensure it penetrates the leaf cuticle so it can become fully mobile within the plant.”

With minimal risk to natural predators and beneficial insects, Movento MPC makes an ideal addition to IPM programs for southeastern fruit and vegetable growers. Plus, Movento MPC is an eligible product in the Bayer PLUS Southern Horticulture Program* – a rewards program with a broad portfolio of high-performance products designed to enable southern growers to make sound agronomic decisions to address their unique challenges and then be rewarded with cash.

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