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Best Agrolife receives a 20-year patent for Synergistic Pesticidal Composition

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08 September 2023, New Delhi: Best Agrolife Ltd has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Seedlings India Pvt. Ltd. has been granted a 20-year patent for the invention of a Synergistic Pesticidal Composition that includes two insecticides and a fungicide (Pymetrozine, Dinotefuran and Strobilurin) to address some of the most pressing challenges in rice cultivation.

The patented invention is a powerful and effective solution for tackling the Brown Plant Hopper (BPH), Green Leaf Hopper, White Backed Plant, and a variety of fungal diseases that have long plagued rice crops in India and around the world.

The insecticides featured in this composition offer a dual mode of action that is highly effective against the Brown Plant Hopper (BPH). BPH has become increasingly resistant to conventional agrochemicals, posing a significant threat to rice farmers. Best Agrolife Ltd.’s solution provides a fresh approach to combat this devastating pest and safeguard rice crops.

In addition to its prowess against insect pests, the patented composition includes a potent fungicide that has been globally recognized for its effectiveness in agriculture. This fungicide has a proven track record in combatting a range of fungal diseases, including white mold, rot, early and late leaf spot, rusts, and rice blast. Its inclusion in this innovative formula further enhances its utility and versatility in rice cultivation.

Mr. Vimal Kumar, Managing Director of Best Agrolife Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm about this groundbreaking invention, stating, “At Best Agrolife Ltd., we are committed to advancing agricultural practices and providing farmers with sustainable and effective solutions. This patent represents a significant milestone in our journey to enhance crop protection and yields. We believe this innovation will play a vital role in ensuring food security for our nation and beyond.”

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