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Market-first Drip Irrigation Guides make waves in agriculture

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Demystify the qualms of drip irrigation and make sure your operation has the best solution with the world’s largest resource at your fingertips!

29 November 2023, UK: We have created, available for free, to farmers and agri-businesses around the world the most comprehensive body of knowledge about drip irrigation in one place. This market-leading initiative that allows anyone involved in drip irrigation to upskill themselves and make sure their irrigation operation is world-class to maximize quality and yield.

Remaining commercially viable in farming is becoming more challenging as margins continue to come under pressure. Climate change adds further complexity and getting your irrigation right is more important than ever before.

With all farming operations, the key objective is to improve yields and quality, which is achieved through nutrition, water, genetics, and climate. Water is one of these big four that can be controlled through drip irrigation solutions like those we provide, which deliver water and plant nutrition directly to the plant root, using less water and nutrients. Our Irrigation Drip Guide includes four modules and is housed in the Knowledge Hub.

Decades of knowledge gathered from the combined experience of Rivulis, along with our legacy companies, Plastro, T-Systems, Roberts, Eurodrip, and NaanDanJain, means we understand how to optimize drip irrigation for the best performance. In developing the Knowledge Hub, we have not overwhelmed farmers with unnecessary jargon. Instead, the guides provide the critical information that growers need, in a clear, easy-to-understand format, to get the most out of their drip irrigation system.

The navigation of the Knowledge Hub has an intuitive menu and search function that allows you to discover the specific drip irrigation-related issue or technical aspect you require. It includes a range of formulas commonly required, whether it be how much water is required to meet the plant water requirements, pump considerations, irrigation scheduling, and chemical calculations for maintenance, all with both metric and US measurements.

If you are new to drip irrigation, you can use the Drip Guides to understand the key determining factors in designing and deciding on what drip irrigation solution is right for you. For those already using drip irrigation the Knowledge Hub provides detailed information on maintenance like filtration, pressure, flow, flushing, and fertigation.

The Drip Guide is split into 4 modules. The first module introduces drip irrigation and the 6 key considerations for the development of your system. The second module provides an in-depth overview of drip irrigation systems and components, while the third module delivers an introduction to hydraulic design and step-by-step instructions for installation and start-up. Lastly, the fourth module is focussed completely on maintenance to get the best longevity out of your system.

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