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Innovation With Rivulis T-Tape and Yields Go Through the Roof!

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17 April 2024, California: Leading 2000 ac (800 ha) onion and lettuce farm in California, Jack Bros, pioneers drip tape configuration, germination, and disease reduction.

In the heart of California’s Imperial Valley lies Jack Brothers Farm, a legacy spanning over a century, rooted in a commitment to innovation and sustainable farming practices. At the helm is Alex Jack, a third-generation farmer whose journey has been intertwined with the evolution of drip irrigation since the late 1970s.

“Drip has just been an absolute game changer in an industry that’s become quite difficult to make money. I have pushed the boundaries and sought out new ways to cultivate the land while preserving precious resources,” says Alex Jack, Owner, of Jack Bros. 

The journey began 40 years ago when Jack Brothers Farm first experimented with drip irrigation, initially for tomatoes and bell peppers. Over time, this method evolved, leading to significant breakthroughs in crop yield and quality.

In a revolutionary move, the farm transitioned to using drip irrigation on 80-inch (2-meter) beds with three lines of drip tape for six rows of lettuce. This, together with precise control over water application, not only conserves water but also witnesses remarkable improvements in yield, quality, and disease mitigation.

In a virtually unprecedented move, Jack Bros germinates its lettuce and onions on drip irrigation. While most growers use sprinkler irrigation to germinate their crops, Jack Brothers has spent years figuring out how to maximize their T-Tape drip system, which has eliminated the need for sprinklers and has reduced the water requirements to establish a crop.

“With the germination of our lettuces and our onions with drip, we’re putting our seed a little bit deeper than we have in the past. We found benefits: uniformity and keeping the seed moist, it’s helping us with bird control and even our weeds are down. For the first 72 hours, our germination rates are through the roof. The only way to get big numbers at the back end is to start with big numbers at the front end,” shares Jack. 

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