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Herbicide L-glufosinate launched by BASF in China

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14 January 2022, Beijing: BASF has introduced its non-selective herbicide L-Glufosinate 10% SL for farmers in China this January 2022. The company acquired proprietary technology for L-glufosinate ammonium from AgriMetis™ in September 2020.

Today’s glufosinate products consist of the active L-glufosinate ammonium and the inactive D-glufosinate ammonium. The latter is converted into active L-glufosinate ammonium by the new technology. This makes the new product significantly more efficient. While weed control is at least on the equivalent level with currently available commercial glufosinate products, farmers can reduce the amount of crop protection they need to apply by up to 50%. This change will reduce operating costs for both farmers and the channel significantly and make the distribution and application of the product even more sustainable than today’s solutions. The comprehensive patent protection for this new technology puts BASF in a strong competitive position for the coming years.

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