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Breeding Flavorful, High Quality, and Future-Ready Brussels Sprouts

14 September 2023, US: We’re bringing Brussel sprouts back to the table! Yes, Brussel sprouts. Stir-fried, steamed, baked, roasted, and even raw, Syngenta specialists are at the forefront of creating varieties that meet taste and appearance preferences. At the same time, breeders are keeping a keen eye on agronomic traits to assist growers throughout the season. 

Forward-Thinking Breeding Developments for Brussel Sprouts Growers 

Each season, growers are inundated with challenges. Insects, disease, fungi, and other diseases – the list goes on. The researchers at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds are passionate about being a partner for growers by understanding and addressing these challenges through powerful breeding. 

For example, scientists aim for strong stalks that grow more than 100 sprouts to help enable high yield potential. Add this to resistance to diseases and climate adversity, it builds a strong foundation for the crop.  

The result? Green, beautiful sprouts with long shelf-life in the field and market shelves. 

With ongoing labor challenges, including availability and cost, we know growers are considering new solutions. Harvest ease, including limiting damage and blemishes is paramount.  

With more automation coming to market, our breeders are looking for characteristics that make sprouts suitable for mechanical button cleaning. This includes optimizing the size and shape for more efficient machine operation.  

Safeguarding Flavor and Eating Experience in Brussel Sprouts 

Our breeders consider value chain demands when creating new products. Brussels sprouts need to be full of flavor to put them on consumer tables.  

We’re focusing on qualities that make sprouts visually appetizing, luring eaters to taste-test. 

“We’re proud to be a driver in this trend by being one of the first to recognize the need to breed out bitterness through reducing the glucosinolate content,” said Pim Neefjes, Global Crop Unit Head – Brassica and Leafy. “Trialing and introducing new varieties will ensure Brussels sprout growers stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.” 

By staying ahead of market and consumption trends, we’re helping our growers take advantage of emerging opportunities in brussels sprouts. 

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