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Corteva Agriscience organizes Dhan Mahotsav to upskill rice farmers in Punjab

13 October 2022, Punjab, India: Corteva Agriscience yesterday organised a field event, ‘Dhan Mahotsav’ in Mansa, Punjab. In the day-long event, agriculture experts and scientists aimed to teach, train, and educate 600+ farmers about the advantages of AcreNext next generation rice farming.

The program aims at enhancing the understanding and knowledge of the benefits of adopting direct seeded rice – a resource-efficient technology that overcomes limitations of traditional cultivation techniques and improves the sustainability and profitability of rice farming.

To extend their support towards more holistic agronomic practices, the event was attended by chief dignitaries including Sh. Gurpreet Singh MLA & Chairman Farmer committee, Punjab & Dr. G. S. Buttar, Director Extension Education, Punjab Agricultural University.

The traditional cultivation methods in India for growing rice varieties require farmers to sow existing seedlings into puddled fields and flooding fields to eradicate weeds. These methods need additional labour and a massive influx of water resources. Corteva is aware of the limitations that farmers face and seeks to change farming practices by educating farmers and giving them access to more comprehensive and sustainable solutions.

Dr G S Buttar highlighted the role of PAU in making farmers aware about DSR technique & also highlighted the steps the farmer should take to make DSR a lively practice. He emphasised the role of field preparation, Weed management & water usage in the DSR way of Farming.

Over the last few years, India has observed the challenges in terms of unpredictability in the weather which has impacted the yield output and profitability of the farmers. To overcome these challenges, we must bring in changes to our everyday agriculture practices for a better, more sustainable future. Private sectors participation and contribution will assist in helping farmers adopt sustainable agricultural practices and increase their productivity and profitability.” He also thanked the company for conducting such events to educate farmers regarding DSR & also highlighted the steps the govt is taking to encourage DSR said Sh. Sh . Gurpreet Singh MLA & Chairman Farmer committee.

AcreNext is an integrated direct seeded rice program meaning hybrid rice seed is planted directly into the rice main field. The hybrid seed has a better yield, can be planted using mechanized sowing services, and is compatible with highly efficient crop protection solutions that do not require fields to be flooded.

This comprehensive offering helps rice farmers produce healthier rice crops that mature faster with increased yields while being less water and labor intensive. Through the AcreNext program, the company provides farmers with training in better farming practices and access to an integrated solution that delivers the right product for the right acreage that maximizes productivity and profitability.

Commenting on its allegiance to bringing sustainable agriculture practices in India, Mr Gurpreet Bhathal, Marketing Director, Corteva Agriscience, said ‘Corteva Agriscience is committed to helping farmers adopt sustainable and holistic agronomic practices. Direct seeded rice (DSR) consumes less water, produces better yield, and enables rice farming in control of the grower thus increasing productivity and profitability. Through Dhan Mahotsav, we aim to share widely the solution that deliver the right product for the right acreage to the farmers of Punjab so that they can further educate, adopt and advocate these integrated practices”

The demand for rice is projected to increase manifold and to meet this growing demand, rice production needs to dramatically increase over the years. Thus, comprehensive training and education on agronomic and crop protection practices for direct-seeded rice becomes even more important than ever.

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