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BASF announces partnership with NaanDanJain

13 October 2022, Brazil: Together with NaanDanJain, one of the largest companies in the segment of irrigation technology in the world, BASF has announced a new partnership. The pioneering initiative is another step towards BASF’s commitment to more sustainable agriculture, supporting farmers’ access to new technologies that will enable greater resilience in a scenario of volatile weather conditions. The partnership with NaanDanJain aims to benefit important crop systems in the Cerrados region of Brazil, contributing to the sustainability of agricultural production and the improvement of farmer success.

Combining the solutions of its portfolio, including crop protection, seeds and digital tools, with innovative irrigation technologies of NaanDanJain, the partnership will provide profitable and sustainable growth for growers.

Farmers are expected to benefit from a more conscious use of water, optimizing resources, nutrients and inputs, achieving optimal yield and land use potential with less water per ton. At the same time, it will make use of BASF innovative solutions for crop management, contributing to the right balance for a better yield.

Sergi Vizoso, Senior Vice President BASF Agricultural Solutions South America said, “The partnership with NaanDanJain is one of BASF’s strategic actions toward a more sustainable agriculture”.

Vizoso also highlights the importance of developing an ecosystem of alliances and partnerships. “We believe this is an opportunity to speed up the introduction of innovations in the field, and generate value for farmers, the society, and partners,” he stated.

Antonio Alfredo Teixeira Mendes, CEO of NaanDanJain Brazil, “The partnership with BASF promotes innovative solutions in the field, and is perfectly aligned with the strategic positioning and main goal of the company to add value to the farmer’s production process, enabling full economic and financial return on investment in sustainably irrigated agriculture, and thus transforming farmers into successful entrepreneurs through the concept of ‘Commitment to Results’ ”.

To feed an estimated population of almost ten billion people by 2050, experts believe that farmers will have to produce virtually the same amount of food consumed in the entire history of mankind. “This outlook, added to the finite nature of our water resources, needs to be taken into consideration. This is the mission of the project we started with NaanDanJain. We understand it as a direct way to test new sustainable and innovative solutions in agriculture”, concluded Vizoso.

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