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Farmers of Mandsaur forced to burn garlic fields, large garlic bulbs being imported from China

13 October 2022, New Delhi: Mandsour district farmers have been forced to burn their garlic fields as the market prices have come to Rs. 2 to 5 per kg. Last year, at the same time, Garlic market prices were in between Rs. 25-30/kg.

The prices have never been so low specifically in the Mandsour district which is famous for growing garlic. Prevailing low market prices does not even cover the input cost and the transportation cost till markets.

Garlic imported from China

Garlic imported from China has a large bulb which is preferred by consumers. These larger bulbs are easier to peel. This is one of the major factors of the low price of Mandsour garlic. Another key reason for the lower price is that there has been an increase of 15-20% in acreages of garlic in the last 3 years.

The farmers have spend a good amount on growing the crop in the last 6 to 8 months. At the same time, a farmer from Kota district of Rajasthan said, “We had harvested the crop 6 months ago and then stored it for another 6 months in a hope to get better prices.

The market prices are still very low but the final comsumer is getting it at a very expensive rate”

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