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BASF Monomers and Xuchuan Chemical further strengthen strategic partnership

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19 January 2024, China: BASF Monomers Division and Xuchuan Chemical, an important partner in the isocyanates value chain, held a ceremony to commemorate their strategic cooperation on bio-mass balanced (BMB) Methylene Diphenyl Di-isocyanate (MDI) in synthetic leather applications. By leveraging BASF’s expertise in bio-mass balanced (BMB) MDI production and Xuchuan Chemical’s extensive network in the synthetic leather value chain, the primary goal of this collaboration is to reduce carbon emissions in the production of polyurethanes for the industry.

Dr. Ramkumar Dhruva, President of BASF Monomers Division, underlined BASF’s commitment to deepen the collaboration with Xuchuan. “Xuchuan Chemical is the first to utilize our BMB MDI for polyurethane production in China. This collaboration is a crucial step towards establishing a more sustainable synthetic leather value chain in the region, and we look forward to working closely with our downstream customers to provide products that meet the increasing demand for sustainable and innovative solutions in Greater China.”

Bio-mass balanced products are an integral part of BASF’s approach to drive the implementation of sustainable solutions. They not only reduce the products’ carbon footprint (PCF), but also conserve fossil resources by replacing a part of the fossil raw materials with renewable feedstock in the production process. Bio-mass balanced MDI is a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production of polyurethane, a material widely used in various industries from construction to automotive. So far, BASF provides ISCC+ certified1 BMB MDI from its two production sites in Asia-Pacific region – Yeosu site in South Korea and Chongqing site in China.

“We are committed to provide circular and low-PCF options to our value chains,” said Claudia Huang, Senior Vice President, Monomers Asia-Pacific, BASF. “The recent ISCC+ certification of our Chongqing site not only affirms our commitment, but also underscores our resolution to promoting sustainable solutions in the Chinese market.”

“The utilization of BMB MDI in our product portfolio represents an important milestone in our long-standing partnership with BASF and sets a positive precedent for future collaborative efforts between us,” said Mr. Ping JIANG, Chairman of Xuchuan Chemical. “We are excited to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions and look forward to furthering our partnership in the future.”

An’An, one of Xuchuan’s major downstream customers, also joined the ceremony. Mr. Tian Song LIN, CEO of An’An, highlighted the alignment of this initiative with their own sustainability goals: “We at An’An are more than pleased to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. This initiative aligns perfectly with our own goals, and we are ready to contribute in every way possible.”

As part of their commitment to sustainability, BASF and Xuchuan will continue to invest in research and development to further enhance their low carbon footprint products and solutions. The strategic cooperation will also include joint activities to promote the benefits of these sustainable products and practices to downstream polyurethane companies and the broader public.

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