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Manage insect vectors of disease with Bionema’s natural solutions

23 June 2022, USA: Bionema’s new line of microbial solutions for vector management is eco friendly, effective, and significantly reduces the use of chemical pesticides in public health.

With growing public awareness and concerns about the effects of chemical pesticides on human health, biodiversity and the environment, public health experts are looking for alternative solutions to control insects that transmit human diseases. Bionema Ltd, a world-leading developer of biocontrol solutions, believes that – when applied and used correctly – natural products and systems can meet the requirements and expectations of end users.

The biocides market size was estimated to be USD11.3 billion in 2021 and is projected reach USD13.6 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 3.7%. The market is mainly driven by the rising demand for biocides in applications such as water treatment, household and personal care, paints and coatings, wood preservatives and others. Factors such as increased use of antimicrobial protection in end-use industries and stringent regulatory environments will drive the biocides market. APAC is the key market for biocides, globally, followed by Europe and North America, in terms of volume and value.

Bionema is already well known for its biocontrol solutions for the horticulture, turf amenity and forestry sectors. Now, it has launched a new line of microbial solutions for use in public health. As well as pheromone-based traps, lure and kill (Attract and Kill), and automated population monitoring devices (machine learning), the new product line includes bacterial and fungal bioprotectants. Used alone or in combination (depending on the setting) these products can help in keeping all types of environments free of disease-carrying pests, includinglarval and adult mosquitoes (AnophelesAedes and Culex spp.) sandflies (Phlebotomus spp.), biting midges (Culicoides spp.) andhouseflies (Musca spp.).

Bionema’s new public health biocontrol range comprises five core products:

BioLarTM: Next generation liquid bioinsecticide formulation, developed for the control of larvae and pupae of mosquitoes, midges, and sandflies, before they grow into adults.

BioAdTM: Next generation liquid bioinsecticide formulation, developed to kill adult mosquitoes, midges, and other biting insects.

AttraKillTM: This ‘Lure & Kill’ product is designed to attract insects to the bioinsecticide, providing targeted and selective effects.

AutoMontTM: Designed for remote monitoring and mass capturing of insect populations for agriculture and public health importance, providing a quantitative reduction of insect populations over time.

VectoAttraTM: Designed for mass trapping of mosquitoes, sandflies, biting midges, houseflies, and other flying insects.

Bionema encourages the implementation of a natural integrated pest management (IPM) approach. That might include, for example, ecological management, monitoring traps, pheromones, bacterial and fungal bioprotectants, all working together to provide the best possible pest control.

“As well as launching the new line of public health products, we are working with end users to design pest management solutions that are suited to each individual customer’s requirements, using customised products,” explains Dr Minshad Ansari, Founder and CEO of Bionema Ltd. “Biocontrol solutions can be very effective as part of a natural IPM. We want to make sure that our customers achieve optimal results from our products, so we take the time to deliver that advice and a personalised approach that will ensure the best results, every time.” 

Headquartered at Swansea University in Wales (UK), Bionema benefits froman academic environment with high-quality facilities, enabling the company to offer a range of services, from strain identification, selection and improvement and analytical R&D solutions, to production, formulation, and application.

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