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International Congress & Expo-2022 organized by Essential Oil Association of India at Indore

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26 May 2022, Indore: The Essential Oil Association of India is organaizing the International Congress and Expo-2022 at Sheraton Grand Palace, Indore, from 26th to 28th May 2022 in which more than 800 people from India and abroadare going to participate. This is the first time when all leading R&D institutions, organizations related to Essential oil, fragrance & flavour are being represented and apart from them the various industrialists, farmers,and technocrats would also be among the delegates participating in the seminar.

The chief guest of this program, Mr. SubratPathak, who is an Hon’ble Member of Parliament from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh and who part of this industry and is capable of fully understanding the different dimensions, prospects of this industry and had made efforts to promote this industry at Kannauj &raise the issues faced by the fragrance and flavour industry in the parliament as well.

Mr. Yogesh Dubey, President of the Essential Oil Association of India(EOAI), shared, “Essential Oil Association of India(EOAI) is a national organization working for the upliftment of the fragrance industry in the country. Established in the year 1956, EOAI has steadily grown its base to more than 1000 members. EOAI organizes International Congress and Expo every two years, in which the entrepreneurs and major research institutes working in the field of fragrances are gathered on one platform who discuss the latest technical developments, issues faced and their solutions, etc.”

Mr. Pradeep Jain, General Secretaryof EOAIfurther added, “Madhya Pradesh has great potential in aromatic, medicinal and herbal industryandHon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradeshhas shown a keen interest on the promotion of herbal and natural industryand such seminars will give appositive momentum to herbal, pharmaceuticals, confectionary & food industry of the state.”

Mr. Atul Mittal, Administrative Secretaryspeaking about the event shared“The next two days will see, all the manufacturers, traders, farmers and technocrats involved in the fragrance industry of the country and abroad come togetherin the expo where the roadmap and a business strategy would be planned.”

Mr. Sunil Goel, who is the organizer of this event, said that “This is the first program being organized by the EOAI post pandemic, which is why we chose Indore, which is the cleanest city in the country in terms of cleanliness.”

Mr. S. V. Shukla, Director Fragrance &Flavour Development Centre Kannauj andChairman of Technical Session said “This seminar has been planned to formalize & standardize the roadmap and policy-related issues with respect to R&D institutions. 21 presentations from the select invited speakers across the globe along-with poster presentation would also be a part of the programme and awards will be given to the best presentation to encourage and motivate them.

Mr. Anil Katyalwhile elaboratingon the event “As an industry, events like these are is of great value to us and they provide one single platform related to sharing of the information, to keep updated on the industry &to decide future line of action of the industry.

Mr. Raja Varshney added, “We welcomeall the scientists, experts, and entrepreneurs from the country and abroad to the program and appreciated the efforts being made by them in the fragrance sector. I thankthe Essential Oil Association of India(EOAI) for organizing such a program which will give a great boost to the fragrance industry of Madhya Pradesh and across the country.”

In this International Congress &Expo-2022Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre Kannauj, Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, National Botanical Research Institute, Centre for Aromatic Plants, Dehradun,Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology Palampur, Spice Board, organization from ICAR & leading industrialists like from SH Kelkar etc. are coming and will be among the experts to deliver lectures and there is no doubt that this seminar will going to benefit the natural & aroma industry in general & people of Indore in particular.

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