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Keeping crop check to a minimum this spring

25 March 2023, UK: Anticipating stress events and using the right product to alleviate them is vital to minimise crop check.

Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra, a blend of 21 plant-based amino acids and trace elements, is East Midland’s based Agrovista agronomist Rob Sheets’s first choice for cereals, sugar beet, maize and grass if crops start to struggle.

“Amino acids are the building blocks of protein,” he says. “Applying these compounds in a readily available form means the plant can make better use of its existing resources and be more energy efficient.

“I usually apply Terra-Sorb to most crops with a nutrition product, typically manganese. I believe it helps the nutrition get in to the plant quicker, so it enhances the effect.”

On sugar beet, Rob tends to slot in Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra before or soon after a sulfonylurea application. “These herbicides can be quite harsh on the crop, so this minimises any effects and the beet recovers better,” he notes.

“I also use it in winter wheat and winter barley at T1 if a multi-product tank mix is necessary to alleviate any crop check. I add it to the tank mix and it really does help plants recover and grow away quickly after treatment.”

“It is also useful use on winter oilseed rape at yellow bud/early flower, as there is lot of demand on plant at the point when it is doubling in height and producing a mass of flowers.”

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