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The Top 3 Benefits of Using Atarrus™ in Your Tank Mix

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07 July 2023, US: While growers may not have control over environmental conditions and other sources of crop stress once planting is complete, they can develop a proactive crop protection strategy to fortify yield potential throughout the growing season. With this goal in mind, farmers and agronomists are always on the lookout for innovative solutions that can optimize crop health, improve productivity and maximize yield.

Maximize Crop Health and Yield Potential with Atarrus™

To endure weather events such as excessive heat, cold temperatures or lack of precipitation, plants must divert energy to combat these environmental stressors, subsequently causing crops to lose yield potential. Similarly, some herbicide applications can also cause plant stress, forcing crops to expend extra energy at early growth stages and potentially reducing yield potential. 

To help mitigate these negative impacts of environmental and pesticide stress on crops, Atarrus™ is the proven post-emergence herbicide tank mix partner for crop nutrition and stress mitigation.

Atarrus, a photosynthetic enhancer, contains 18 essential amino acids in peptide form that provide supplemental energy to help plants better metabolize chemicals to minimize damage from chemical stress. Best used as a preventative product prior to stress, Atarrus can also be applied following stress to help the crop bounce back more quickly. Ideal application timing is in the early to late vegetative stages at 16 oz/A.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Atarrus

Most effective when applied as part of a post-emergence herbicide tank mix, Atarrus can help address three key challenges affecting crops early in the season: 

1. Herbicide Stress

Herbicides play a crucial role in weed control, but they can also induce stress in crops, leading to reduced vigor and suboptimal yields. Atarrus enhances crop herbicide tolerance by metabolizing the chemistry more efficiently, allowing plants to better withstand chemical stress and limiting yield losses. In some cases, herbicide-treated crops may even look better after the Atarrus application.

When to Use It: Apply Atarrus with your herbicide application to ensure the crop is adequately prepared to withstand herbicide stress.

2. Weather Stress

Extreme temperatures, drought, excessive rainfall and other adverse, unpredictable weather events can cause plant stress and limit crop productivity. But by enhancing the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, Atarrus can counter these stressors, enabling crops to better tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions. The photosynthetic enhancer contains a high concentration of proline, which is an amino acid essential to keeping plants resilient during high stress periods.

When to Use It: It is advisable to proactively apply Atarrus before the onset of adverse weather conditions. 

3. Optimal Nutrient Efficiency

Atarrus facilitates efficient nutrient use within the plant by signaling the roots to acquire more of what the plant needs, then providing essential amino acids to help metabolize and utilize them effectively throughout the plant. 5% of the nitrogen in the Atarrus product is in a very available form that is easy for the plant to process. It also contains a high concentration of glutamaic acid, which is essential for the assimilation of nitrogen. These combined benefits result in enhanced plant health and nutrient utilization efficiency, reducing the risk of nutrient deficiencies and related yield losses. 

When to Use It: Adding Atarrus to your crop nutrition program is most effective during critical growth stages such as early vegetative growth, flowering and fruit development. 

Proactively Protect Your Crops with Atarrus from FBN®

By proactively incorporating Atarrus into your crop protection strategy this season, you’ll see:

  • Better nutrient flow through your plants
  • Higher nutrient levels in your tissue analysis
  • Less or no visual stress from herbicides
  • Better root formation
  • Greener and healthier plants

As your go-to post-emergence herbicide tank mix partner for corn, soybeans, sugar beets, and additional specialty crops, Atarrus from FBN will help produce nutritionally optimized plants, adeptly handle herbicide stress, and withstand extreme weather stress.

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