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Options for Foliar Crop Nutrition

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13 May 2023, US: Leading up to and through planting, growers work to find a balance with mother nature, hoping to capitalize on the optimal conditions needed to get a crop in the ground. Once planting is complete, we become even more at the mercy of those environmental conditions we no longer control, still with hopes of a crop reaching its full genetic yield potential. 

In a previous blog post we addressed incorporating biostimulant products into early-season fertilizer applications to help a crop achieve a more efficient start. Once a crop has emerged there are also additional foliar options that can help provide balanced nutrition and limit the impact of abiotic stress. 

Whether it’s the weather, stress from other pesticides or nutrient deficiencies that just don’t show until later, it’s equally as important to understand what factors you are trying to impact in-season as it was before the season began.

Complete Crop Nutrition

Plants need a balanced package of nutrients to address any potential late season yield limiting deficiencies as well as prevent antagonism by overapplying any single nutrient that may tie others up.

Nourish Vitals™ contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur along with 6 additional micronutrients essential for plant growth at a balanced ratio to help address in season needs while preventing this unwanted nutrient antagonism in addition to providing the crop with the right balance to effectively transition from vegetative to reproductive growth.  

Nourish Vitals helps push late vegetative to early reproductive development and improve tolerance to abiotic stress. It is complexed with plant-based peptides containing the amino acids essential for plants.

The peptides act as an efficient carrier to allow for rapid uptake and rapid translocation throughout the plant. Ideal application timing is in the late vegetative stage to early reproductive at 32 oz/A.

Weather and Chemical Stress

The impact of weather events such as being too hot, too wet, too cold, or too dry requires the plant to generate energy to get through those stressful periods.

During this process of diverting energy to combat stress, yield potential is lost. Atarrus™ provides the plant with supplemental energy and tools to signal plant health to prevent negative impacts from weather stress such as too much or too little heat or moisture. 

In addition, Atarrus contains 18 essential amino acids in peptide form that provide supplemental energy to help the plant better metabolize chemicals to minimize any negative damage from chemical stress.

Atarrus is best used as a preventative product prior to stress but may be applied following stress to help the crop bounce back faster. Ideal application timing is in the early to late vegetative stages at 16 oz/A.

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