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7 Ways Crop Nutrition Products Can Prevent Yield Loss for U.S. Farmers

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02 June 2022, US: Every season crops are planted with hopes of reaching their genetic yield potential. Nearly every year, plants struggle to reach this potential due to many external factors outside of a grower’s control.

Growers do have control of supplementing their crops with products to help support plant health that ultimately can help minimize these yield robbing events. FBN® has a quality lineup of crop nutrition products that are made to help support plants throughout the growing season.  

Here are 7 ways crop nutrition products can prevent yield loss.

1. Soil Nutrient Efficiency

Nutrients and fertilizers applied alone can be tied up in the soil and unavailable to be utilized by plants. Use Inhabit Boost™ to improve nutrient  availability through the growing season to prevent any tie up or losses. Inhabit Boost is a micronized, humate-based source of stable soil carbon that requires less product at a lower rate than standard humic and fulvic products. It works faster to efficiently store and deliver soil nutrients and fertilizers, as well as help increase water utilization. Inhabit Boost tank mixes well with most fertilizers (A jar test is recommended). 

  • Use Rate: 32oz/acre or 1 qt/40 gal
  • Timing: Pairs well with normal soil applied fertilizer applications.

2. Safe, Efficient Foliar Nitrogen Source

In-season plants can become deficient in nitrogen. A program seeking to address this deficiency and to maximize yield will want to use Inhabit N™ to supplement these nitrogen deficiencies. Inhabit N is a nitrogen source complexed with micronized, humate-based source of stable carbon that helps efficiently deliver nitrogen into the plant tissue.

  • Use Rate: 32oz – 128 oz /acre 
  • Do not apply concentrated, see label for dilution instructions
  • Timing: Early vegetative through to late reproductive.

3. Root Growth & Nutrient Acquisition

Root growth is critical for acquiring nutrients and water uptake. Enhance this root growth with Atarrus™Atarrus is a soy protein-based peptide complex that contains a lateral root promoting peptide that signals root growth when foliar is applied as well as allowing the plant to more efficiently uptake soil nutrients. 

  • Use Rate: 16 oz /acre
  • Timing: Early vegetative through to late reproductive.

4. Nitrogen Assimilation

Once the plant is up and growing it needs to expend energy to make use of applied Nitrogen and assimilate it into the plant in the form of chlorophyll, amino acids and,eventually, into proteins. Atarrus™ contains the 18 essential amino acids in an already usable peptide form to reduce the plant nitrogen demand and supplement in season plant energy. It also contains amino acids essential to Nitrogen assimilation into the plant such as glutamic acid, enabling more efficient nitrogen conversion within the plant.

  • Use Rate: 16 oz /acre
  • Timing: Early vegetative through to late reproductive.

5. Chemical Stress

Plants need to expend a lot of energy to metabolize different types of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that can have negative growth and yield impacts.  Atarrus™ contains 18 essential amino acids in peptide form that provide supplemental energy to help the plant better metabolize chemicals to minimize any negative damage from chemical stress. Atarrus is best used as a preventative product prior to stress but may be applied following stress to help the crop bounce back faster. 

  • Use Rate: 16 oz /acre
  • Timing: Early vegetative through to late reproductive.

6. Weather Stress

The impact of weather events such as being too hot, too wet, too cold, or too dry requires the plant to generate energy to get through those stressful periods. During this process of diverting energy to combat stress, yield potential is lost. Atarrus™ provides the plant with supplemental energy and tools to signal plant health to prevent negative impacts from weather stress such as too much or too little heat or moisture. 

  • Use Rate: 16 oz /acre
  • Timing: Early vegetative through to late reproductive.

7. Address Deficiencies with Nutrient Antagonism

Plants need a balanced package of micro and macronutrients to address any potential late season yield limiting deficiencies as well as prevent antagonism by overapplying any single nutrient that may tie others up. Nourish Vitals™ contains 4 micronutrients and 6 macronutrients essential for plant growth at a balanced ratio to help address in season needs while preventing this unwanted nutrient antagonism. In doing so, this provides a broad spectrum approach to address any late season yield limiting nutrient deficiencies. 

  • Use Rate: 32 oz /acre
  • Timing:Early vegetative through to late reproductive.

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