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Laureate spring barley delivers consistent yield performance

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31 October 2021, UK: LAUREATE is the most popular spring barley grown across the UK, partly due to the fact it is so consistent on farm.

LAUREATE joined the Recommended List in 2016, and despite some of the competition starting out as higher yielding, over the past 5 years LAUREATE has maintained yield more successfully where other varieties have declined sharply.

Both LAUREATE and RGT Planet show slight declines in t/ha in the last two years, which was driven by weather conditions – however over the last 5 years, LAUREATE has only fluctuated by 0.2 t/ha whereas RGT Planet shows a larger variation at 0.6 t/ha.

Laureate yield consistency graph

Source: AHBD Recommended Lists 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

The variety’s large rooting system and large tillering ability mean LAUREATE is able to produce high yields whatever the weather and therefore performs consistently season after season. 

Consistent yield, coupled with continued high demand from maltsters, brewers and distillers makes LAUREATE a strong choice for 2022.

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