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JK Seeds high yielding wheat variety JK Pitambar

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13 August 2022, New Delhi: JK Seeds wheat variety JK Pitambar is Red ear high yielding variety. Below are the main features and yield potential of the variety JK Pitambar. 

•  Sowing time: Early and timely sown

•  Days to maturity: Early(65-75 days)

•  Plant height: Medium(100-110cm)

•  Medium maturity

•  Tillering habit: Profuse

•  Ear: Long, Compact, red colour, non shattering

•  1000 grain weight: Bold(45-50gm)

•  Grain quality: Amber colour, hard lustrous

•  Maturity duration: 110-120 days

•  Average yield: 45-55q/ha

•  Disease reaction: Resistant for black and brown rust

•  Special features: Initial and terminal heat tolerant, Wide adaptability

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