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Banana Variety Poovan (Mysore AAB)

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10 December 2023, New Delhi: It is a leading commercial cultivar grown throughout the country with location-specific ecotypes like Palayankodan in Kerala, Poovan in Tamil Nadu, Karpura Chakkarakeli in Andhra Pradesh, and Alpan in North Eastern Region.

It is generally cultivated as a perennial crop. Tamil Nadu is the leading producer of Poovan cultivar owing to its climatic and marginal soil condition. Poovan is also commercially cultivated for the leaf industry throughout Tamil Nadu and in certain parts of Kerala. Fruit is slightly acidic, firm, and has a typical sour-sweet aroma. Fruits turn to attractive golden yellow on ripening.

Medium-sized bunch, closely packed fruits, good keeping quality, and resistance to fruit cracking are its plus points. But it is highly susceptible to Banana Bract Mosaic Viral (BBMV) disease and Banana Streak Virus, (BSV), which cause considerable reduction in yield.

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