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Banana Variety Red Banana (AAA)

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10 December 2023, New Delhi: Red banana is the most relished and highly prized variety of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Its commercial cultivation is prominent in Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts of Tamil Nadu. It is also popular in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and to some extent in Western and Central India. In Bihar and other regions, it is popular as Lal Velchi while in Karnataka as Chandra Bale.

The color of the pseudostem, petiole, midrib, and fruit rind is purplish red. It is a robust plant with bunches weighing 20-30 kg under good management practices.

Fruits are sweet, orange-yellow colored, and with a pleasant aroma. It is highly susceptible to bunchy top, fusarium wilt, and nematodes.

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