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Top 5 Must-Have Implements to Boost Your Rabi Crops Productivity

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18 October 2023, New Delhi: Rabi crops are an important crop season after the Kharif crop season in India. These are the crops that are cultivated with the onset of winter season in November and harvested in spring in March-April every year. The main crops grown in India during these months include wheat, mustard, peas, barley, and grams. To ensure a healthy Rabi crop harvest, having the right set of implements at your disposal is essential. These implements not only save time but also enhance the overall productivity of your Rabi crops.

Must-Have Farm Implements During Rabi Crop Season

Below we have detailed 5 must-have farm implements to cultivate major Rabi crops that help boost productivity.


Ploughs are necessary implements for rabi crops as they help till compact fields just after the harvesting of Kharif crops. It helps create favourable conditions for the growth of rabi crops. Some of the reasons are:

  • Soil Aeration: Ploughing helps in breaking up compacted soil post Kharif crop and improving its aeration. This is important because well-aerated soil allows the roots of Rabi crops to receive adequate oxygen, which is necessary for their growth and development.
  • Weed Control: Ploughing helps to bury and control weeds. Weeds can compete with Rabi crops for nutrients, water, and sunlight, and they can reduce crop yields. By burying the weeds through ploughing, their growth is inhibited.
  • Soil Tilth Improvement: Ploughing helps to improve the tilth of the soil, which refers to its physical condition, structure, and workability. This makes it easier to plant seeds and encourages root development for Rabi crops.

Some top models of ploughs are Sai Agro 4 Furrow LD, Landforce MBS4 and Fieldking Jumbo FKJMBP 36-2.


One of the primary reasons rotavators are necessary for rabi crops is their ability to prepare the soil efficiently. Rabi crops like wheat, barley, and mustard demand porous well-aerated soil condition to promote healthy crop growth and maximise yields. The following are the key functions ensured by a rotavator:

  • Tilling and Mixing: Rotavators have multiple blades to penetrate the upper layer soil and break up compacted soil layers.
  • Residue Incorporation: Rabi crops are usually sown on the remains of the harvested kharif crop. Rotavators integrate crop residues into the soil, such as organic matter, roots and stubbles.
  • Weed Control: Besides preparing the soil, rotavators also play a crucial role in weed control. By churning the soil, they dislocate the weed root systems and bring them to the surface where they can be easily removed or destroyed.
  • Time and Labor Savings: Another advantage of using rotavators for rabi crops is their noteworthy time and labour savings. A rotavator can operate at high speeds to quickly prepare the soil. It saves considerable labour and time.

Some examples of top rotavators include Shaktiman Semi Champion Plus SCP 215 and Farmking Side Shifting FKRT175 SS.


A cultivator is a versatile implement that has become essential for farmers due to its ability to perform various farming operations efficiently. Cultivators play a crucial role in modern agriculture, specifically when cultivating rabi crops.

  • Effective Weed Control: One of the primary functions of cultivators is to disturb the soil surface. The goal is to disrupt the weed growth cycle. They stir the top layer of soil to expose them to sunlight and prevent germination.
  • Seedbed Preparation: Cultivators break up the soil, creating a loose and friable texture and promoting seed-to-soil contact. Due to this contact, there is better water absorption, nutrient availability and ultimately, a higher germination rate.

Lemken Achat 70 – 3/7, Landforce Rigid (Std Duty) CVS9RA, and Farmking Rigid FKRC-11 are among the leading cultivators available in the market.

Super Seeder

Super seeders have emerged as a game-changer in rabi crop farming. These implements have revolutionised the process of sowing seeds to offer a range of benefits to farmers.  Super seeders are necessary for Rabi crops because of below given features:

  • Precise Seed Placement: Rabi crops require uniform and accurate seed distribution for optimal growth and yield. The metering systems in super seeders ensure that the desired number of seeds is sown at the correct spacing avoiding overcrowding or gaps in the field. Also, seed drills work to provide consistent seed depth. They facilitate even germination as well as uniform crop growth.
  • Conservation of Seeds: The metering systems accurately measure and distribute the seeds at the desired rate. It prevents over-seeding and seed loss. This not only reduces the seed costs for farmers but also promotes sustainable agriculture by minimising unnecessary seed usage.
  • Enhanced Crop Uniformity: Uniform crop establishment is crucial for promoting consistent growth and maximising yields in rabi crops. Super seeders play a vital role by providing consistent seed distribution, optimal seed-to-soil contact, and uniform seed depth.

Some of the top models of super seeders include Shaktiman Super Seeder 8 and Fieldking FKSS11-205.

Happy Seeder

Happy seeders combine the functions of straw management and seed sowing. See why you must use them for Rabi crop cultivation:

  • Effective Straw Management: Happy seeders perform multiple functions that allow simultaneous integration of the of straw residues in the soil while sowing seeds. Thus, they properly handle and incorporate crop residues from the previous harvest.
  • Water Conservation: The crop residues on the field form a protective layer to reduce evaporation and minimise water loss from the soil surface. Happy seeders improve moisture retention in the soil. They provide a favourable microclimate for seed germination and help sustain crop growth.
  • Enhanced Soil Health: The straw residues left on the field by happy seeders act as organic matter. They enrich the soil by improving soil structure, water-holding capacity and nutrient availability. Also, happy seeders’ cutting and chopping action aids in incorporating straw residues into the soil.

The popular happy seeders in the market include Fieldking FKTHS-10-RR-DR3 and Golden Punjab GP10.

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