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India: Haryana government to start wheat procurement from 1st April

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28 March, Chandigarh: The state government has decided to begin wheat procurement from April 1 in various markets (Mandi) of state at minimum support price. This will be the beginning of Rabi procurement season. Apart from this, the purchase of gram and barley will also be procured at the minimum support price.

An official spokesperson said that the procurement of wheat, gram and barley will start from April 1 and will continue till 15th May. Mustard procurement has already been initiated in the state. 

The concerned departments involved in procurement have been directed to make necessary arrangements at the mandis. During the procurement process, preparations are being made on a large scale to ensure that the farmers coming to the mandis do not face any inconvenience.

The spokesperson said that for this Rabi season, the minimum support price for wheat is Rs. 2,015 per quintal, gram Rs. 5,230 per quintal, minimum support price of barley Rs. 1,635 per quintal and mustard Rs. 5,050 per quintal has been fixed. 

Wheat will be procured by Food and Supplies Department, Hafed, Haryana Warehousing Corporation and Food Corporation of India. The procurement of gram will be done by Hafed, the procurement of mustard by Hafed and Haryana Warehousing Corporation and the purchase of barley will be done jointly by the Food Corporation of India, Hafed and Haryana Warehousing Corporation.

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