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PAU issues fresh advisory for control of Pink Bollworm in Cotton

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16 July 2023, Punjab: The Punjab Agricultural University Director of Extension Education, Dr. GS Buttar cautioned the state farmers about the pink bollworm attack in the cotton crop and urged them to be vigilant and personally survey the fields to look for disease outbreaks.

For cotton fields where the flowers and bolls have already developed, Dr. Buttar suggested weekly surveillance of flowers and green bolls in the fields by randomly plucking out 100 flowers from different areas of the field; the presence of five or more rosette flowers or those damaged by the bollworm indicates the need for spraying of university recommended insecticides.

Dr. Buttar said that the rosette flowers should be destroyed immediately to control the spread of the pest. He further suggested using insecticides that should be sprayed alternately after a period of seven to ten days in July- August. As per the advisory, 100 gm Proclaim 5 SG (Emamectin Benzoate) or 500 ml Curacron 50 EC (Profenophos) or 200 ml Avaunt 14.5 SC (Indoxacarb) or 250 gm Larvin 75 WP (Thiodicarb) or 800 ml Fosmite 50 EC(Ethion).

He further advised the farmers to contact the nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra or Farmers’ Service Centre, or Regional Research Station at the slightest hint of the attack of pink bollworm on cotton.

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