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Best Agrolife to Manufacture Fomesafen Technical 95% ww

13 March 2024, New Delhi: Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL) has received the registration of Fomesafen Technical 95% w/w. The Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIBRC) has granted the registration for under section 9 (3) indigenous manufacturing of this crucial technical to one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of BAL, Best Crop Science Pvt Ltd.

Fomesafen, a selective herbicide offers a versatile solution for farmers across India. With its unique formulation, Fomesafen provides control of broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges in soybeans. Its applications can be pre-plant, pre-emergence, or post-emergence, making it highly adaptable to different farming practices.

The selective nature of Fomesafen ensures effective weed control while minimizing harm to desirable crops. Absorbed by leaves and roots, Fomesafen exhibits limited translocation in the phloem, ensuring targeted effectiveness. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for farmers looking to optimize crop health and productivity while maintaining sustainability.

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