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Coromandel’s Gromor Drive Crosses 16,000+ acres of Drone-led Spraying

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06 March 2024, New Delhi: Coromandel International Limited today announced its milestone of clocking 16,000+ acres of farmland covered through its Gromor Drive – an agri drone spraying initiative.

Coromandel International Limited launched its Gromor Drive in 2022 with a mission to provide cutting-edge drone spraying services to Indian farmers. The Gromor Drive aims to alleviate the challenges faced by farmers across the country, delivering superior results while prioritizing farmer safety and environmental sustainability. Since its inception, the innovative service has covered farmlands across Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana State (TS), serving as a game-changer for farmers offering unparalleled precision spraying, cutting down labor, time, and water usage, and enhancing crop yields. 

Sankarasubramanian S, Executive Director, Nutrient Business, Coromandel International Limited

Gromor Drive’s widespread adoption underscores its efficacy in addressing the unique needs of diverse crops such as paddy, tobacco, chili, cotton, sugarcane, and pulses, in their farming practices.

Announcing the milestone, Sankarasubramanian S, Executive Director, Nutrient Business, Coromandel International Limited, said, “In line with our vision to enhance farmer prosperity and to end to the drudgery of their hard labor, Coromandel had initiated the Gromor Drive. Today, Gromor Drive has revolutionized the Indian agriculture landscape and it gives us immense happiness to share that we have crossed 16,000+acres of drone spraying in key southern states of AP and TS, making Coromandel the first fertilizer company to achieve such a significant milestone. It is heartening to know that the farmers across regions have quickly adapted to this technology and our services, evident from the overwhelming response across crop categories we received.” 

“Through our understanding of farmer needs coupled with strong rural connect, we are rightly positioned to provide drone spraying services to the farming community across geographies. From reducing labor dependency to enhancing crop quality, Gromor Drive has emerged as a trusted ally for farmers striving for sustainable agricultural practices. We continue working towards extending Gromor Drive’s footprint across the country. Our company is now also working towards the empowerment of the rural women, by providing agri-drone Pilot training and Drones to women from Self Help Groups (SHGs) under the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s initiative Namo Drone Didi,” he added. 

In this dynamic era of precision agriculture, drones have emerged as a beacon of hope for Indian agriculture. These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), armed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and remote sensing capabilities can provide real-time data on crop health, soil conditions, and pest infestations. As per studies, drone technology is recorded to offer a remarkable efficiency boost for agriculture spraying services, covering up to 30 acres per day, while reducing water consumption by a staggering 90%. 

Sharing his testimonial on how he benefitted from Gromor Drive, Rajesh Kumar, a farmer from Andhra Pradesh, said, “Earlier, I used to spend hours manually spraying fertilizers on my crops, but with Coromandel Gromor Drive I can cover more acres in less time, minimum water consumption along with savings on labor costs.”

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