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Best Agrolife Ltd gets registration for indigenous manufacturing of Cyhalofop-Butyl technical

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17 January 2023, New Delhi: Best Agrolife Limited (BAL) has received the registration for the indigenous manufacturing of Cyhalofop-butyl u/s 9(3) from the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee. Cyhalofop Butyl is a post-emergence herbicide that controls grass weeds’ growth in rice crops.

With Cyhalofop-butyl, the organization also announced that they had received the registration for the indigenous manufacturing of Propaquizafop Technical, another crucial post-emergence herbicide. Such indigenous manufacturing of herbicides can help rice production in India to a large extent by minimizing losses. The estimated market size of Propaquizafop is Rs. 350 crores in India and the global Cyhalofop-butyl market is set to reach USD 132.48 million in the coming years, as per the market research.

Vimal Alawadhi, MD, Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL), said, “India is the second largest producer of rice, and it is cultivated on about 44 million hectares in our country. However, rice grain production in India suffers a yearly loss of more than 15 million tonnes due to weeds competition, mainly grassy weeds.”

He explained further, “A post-emergence, herbicide Cyhalofop-butyl, is used for controlling weeds in rice plantations. These herbicides stop weed growth immediately, thus minimizing crop losses and facilitating high production.”

Vimal Alawadhi concluded, “We received many important registrations and patents in the previous year, and the new year has begun on an excellent note as well. Our company achieved exponential growth in the last quarter, and we are scaling up our efforts and strategies to improve our performance further. A key element in this strategy is a continuously evolving product line. It helps us remain competitive and maintain our annual growth rate and EBITDA, which at present is at 30% and 20%, respectively.”

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