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Kisan Mela on Drone Technology in Agriculture

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28 March 2024, New Delhi: ICAR-Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture KVK-Ranga Reddy, in collaboration with IFFCO, jointly organized a training-cum-demonstration event on the utilization of Drone technology for optimizing agricultural resources on 28th March 2024, at Chandkhan Guda Village, Manchal Mandal area of Ranga Reddy district in Telangana State. The project aimed to raise awareness among farmers and stakeholders about the potential applications of agricultural drone technology, with the primary objective of optimizing resources for the benefit of farmers.

Dr. S Vijaya Kumar SMS (Agril. Engg) ICAR-KVK said that Drone technology has emerged as a transformative tool in modern agriculture, and drone technology saves time, cost of spray operation, and quantity of pesticide, giving farmers unprecedented capabilities in monitoring and managing their crops and land.

Dr. Chandrakanth, M.H., Senior Scientist cum Head, ICAR-KVK, emphasised that drone technology revolutionizes agriculture by providing farmers with aerial imaging capabilities for precise crop monitoring, pest detection, and field assessment. Drones offer efficient, precise, and sustainable solutions for modern farming.

Sri. G. Sri Krishna, SMS (Horticulture), ICAR-KVK highlighted that drones offer horticultural growers valuable tools for enhancing productivity, sustainability, and precision in crop management. As technology advances and new applications emerge, drones are expected to play an increasingly integral role in the future of horticulture.

Dr. D. Sudheer, SMS (Vety. Sci), ICAR-KVK emphasized that drones are becoming invaluable tools in livestock management, offering farmers and ranchers enhanced capabilities for monitoring, herding, and health assessment of their animals. As technology advances, drones are expected to play an increasingly integral role in modernizing livestock farming practices and improving efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare in the industry.

Mr. Chandranna, Manager, and Mr. Sai Krishna, Marketing Manager, IFFCO, briefed about the benefits of IFFCO’s Nano products aimed at augmenting agricultural production and improving quality. They highlighted how these innovative products can significantly enhance crop yields and overall farm productivity. 

Participants were provided with practical insights into how drones can be effectively utilized to enhance agricultural practices and resource management through live demonstrations and training sessions.

A total of 213 farmers and farm women participated in this programme.

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