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Key Features and Price of Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus Multi-Speed Tractor

29 March 2024, New Delhi: Sonalika Tractors has expanded its range of heavy-duty tractors with the introduction of the Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus multi-speed tractor. The tractor is available at a special price of Rs 8,49,999 (ex-showroom).

The Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus multi-speed tractor offers several key features that contribute to its performance and versatility. Some of the notable features include:

1.    Engine: It is equipped with a 4-cylinder 4,709 cc HDM engine, which is the largest engine in its category. The powerful engine provides the tractor with ample power and torque for efficient operation.

2.    Torque: The tractor produces a high torque output of 275 Nm, allowing it to perform well even in challenging soil conditions. The superior torque ensures excellent pulling capacity and performance.

3.    Transmission: It features a 12F+12R multi-speed transmission with shuttle-tech technology. This transmission system provides multiple speed options for both forward and reverse movements, enabling precise control and smooth shifting.

4.    Hydraulics: The tractor is equipped with advanced 5G hydraulics, which offer enhanced lifting capacity and control. It has a lift capacity of 2,200 kg, allowing it to handle heavy loads and various implements with ease.

5.    Customizability: With over 140 settings, the Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus tractor provides flexibility and adaptability to suit different agricultural applications. Farmers can adjust the settings according to their specific requirements.

6.    Lighting: It features LED daytime running lights (DRL) headlights and LED tail lights, ensuring excellent visibility and safety, particularly during low-light conditions or nighttime operations.

7.    Comfort: The tractor is designed with a deluxe seat and power steering, offering operator comfort and reducing fatigue during long working hours. The ergonomic design enhances the overall user experience.

The combination of these features makes the Sonalika Sikander DLX DI 60 Torque Plus multi-speed tractor a reliable and efficient machine for various agricultural tasks. It is designed to meet the unique needs of Indian farmers and provides a one-stop solution for multiple applications and implements.

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