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Increase in soybean rates, Indian farmers advised to sell at minimum Rs 5400 per quintal

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20 November 2023, New Delhi: It is suggested to the farmers that if the rate of soybean has reached Rs 5400 to 5500 per quintal, then consider it as the best rate because the rates of DOC (de-oil cake) have increased in the last two months.

This advice is as per the average rates prevailing in the mandis of India and may vary slightly from state to state. There is an upward trend in the rate but please check the trend of your local market and take a final decision.

Oil rates have increased internationally. This may reduce soon. Thus, this is the right time to sell any stored soybean at the maximum rate.

The rate of Rs 7500 per quintal is good for cotton. This year the price of gram can be good, so if possible, sow it. Coriander may get unexpectedly high prices this year.

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