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Indian Government released 27 new varieties of paddy for Farmers

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03 October 2023, New Delhi: The Indian Government after consultation with the Central Seed Committee has released 27 new varieties of paddy be sold for the purposes of agriculture in India. The notification was released by Pankaj Yadav, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare on 25th September 2023.

Below is the list of varieties released for sale in India.

S.No.CropTypeName of Variety/ HybridRecommended sale in  State Union territories
1RiceOpen Pollinated Variety28P67Punjab and Haryana
2RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyMalviya Sugandhi Dhan-156 (HUR156-IET25419)Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal
3RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 323 (Jyotsna)Odisha
4RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 324 (Abhaya Paushtik)Odisha
5RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 326 (Panchatatva)Odisha
6RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 327 (Madhumita)Odisha
7RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 328Odisha
8RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCRDhan-704 (Shyamdev)Odisha
9RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 805 (Naveen Shakti)[IET 29203]Odisha
10RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 806 (VarsadhanSub1)Odisha
11RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCR Dhan 911(Basudev) [IET 28414]Odisha
12RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyPusa Narendra KN1 (Pusa1638-07-130-2-67-1-1) (IET26204)Uttar Pradesh
13RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyPusa CRD KN2 (Pusa1638-07-171-1-81-1-2) (IET26213)Uttar Pradesh
14RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyADT 58 (AD 12132) (IET 291211)Tamil Nadu
15RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyCO 56 (CB12132(IET27408& IET 25531)Tamil Nadu
16RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyOUAT Kalinga Rice 8 (Surya shree) (IE27737)Odisha
17RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyOUAT Kalinga Rice 7 (Barunei) (IET 23666)Odisha
18RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyJR 21 (JR 81-01)Madhya Pradesh
19RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyOUAT Kalinga Rice 1 (Kolab) (IET 25295)Odisha
20RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyOUAT Kalinga Rice 2 (Salandi) (IET 28444)Odisha
21RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyOUAT Kalinga Rice 5 (Nabanna) (IET 25140)Odisha
22RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyOUAT Kalinga Rice 6 (Bhargavi) (IET 23565)Odisha
23RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyASD 21 (AS 15024) (IET 29799)Tamil Nadu
24RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyAAU-TTB-Dhan-42 (TTB-238) (Patkai) (IET 29034)Assam
25RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyAAU-TTB-Dhan-43 (TTB 1048-60-1) (Shatabdi) (IET 29087)Assam
26RiceOpen Pollinated VarietyAAU-TTB-Dhan-44 (TTB 1041-204-1) (Prachur) (IET 29075)Assam
27Rice HybridHybridIndam 200-022 (IET 20710)Assam
Indian Government released 27 new varieties of paddy for Farmers

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