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The first international white tea conference will be held in Fuding

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28 November 2023, China: Recently, reporters learned from the media meeting of the First International White Tea Conference that the first International White Tea Conference will be held in Fuding City, Fujian Province from November 30 to December 1. This conference is co-sponsored by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Food, Native Produce and Livestock and the International Tea Committee. Preparatory work is currently progressing steadily.

It is reported that this conference has the theme of “Fuding, the Source of White Tea, Building a Dream Voyage for Win-win Cooperation” and will include an opening ceremony, a keynote speech on “International White Tea Development”, a roundtable meeting on “International Friends Talking about White Tea”, and a trip to the tea town. It is planned to invite more than 300 guests including experts and scholars in the tea industry from more than 20 countries, industry entrepreneurs, representatives of embassies in China, relevant persons in charge of major tea producing areas and representatives of purchasers to attend the meeting.

Fuding City is one of the most important core white tea production areas in China and is known as the “Hometown of White Tea in China”. In 2022, the harvestable area of ​​tea gardens in Fuding city is about 305,000 acres, with a total tea output of 31,000 tons, of which Fuding white tea output is 23,000 tons, and the comprehensive industrial output value reaches 13.891 billion yuan. In the same year, Fuding’s white tea making skills were selected into the “Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage” as the only representative of white tea; the International Tea Committee awarded Fuding the title of “The Birthplace of White Tea in the World” and the “World White Tea Cultural Industry Science and Technology Center”.

Xu Xiaohu, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Food and Native Livestock, said that as the first international industry conference in the white tea category, this conference aims to show the world the vigorous development of China’s white tea industry and allow tea drinkers around the world to appreciate the uniqueness of the international tea town. The humanistic charm and the strong strength of the big tea country; promote the unique production skills, health benefits and profound culture of white tea, and continuously enhance the influence and appeal of Fuding as the “Birthplace of White Tea in the World” and the “Technology Center of the World White Tea Cultural Industry”. Radiation drives the comprehensive integrated development of the tea industry.

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