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Ensure Complete Crop Nutrition with Nourish Vitals™

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02 August 2023, US: To address potential late season yield-limiting deficiencies, plants need an optimally balanced package of nutrients. Excessive application of a single nutrient can negatively affect the absorption and impact of others, often leading to yield problems. 

By strategically balancing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and six additional micronutrients to enhance plant growth and improve abiotic stress tolerance, Farmers First™ Nourish Vitals™ delivers a cost-effective foliar nutrition solution in a single application. 

Easy Application 

Nourish Vitals is extremely easy to incorporate into an existing post emergence crop protection plan. Designed to be compatible with virtually any tank mix, it can be conveniently used alongside an herbicide, fungicide, or insecticide application to deliver a helpful end of season nutrient bump. The innovative biostimulant is ideally applied in the late vegetative to early reproductive stage with a recommended use rate of 20-32 ounces per acre. 

Substantial Impact 

Don’t be fooled by the easy application process; while application may be simple, Nourish Vitals can deliver a major yield impact. 

Unlike conventional foliar fertilizers, Nourish Vitals contains foliar-applied nutrients complexed with plant-based peptides containing the 18 essential amino acids for plant health and stress response. In the case of Nourish Vitals, these peptides work by facilitating rapid nutrient uptake and efficient nutrient translocation throughout the plant. Through this process, the product helps crops effectively transition from vegetative to reproductive growth. 

Improve Crop Nutrition with Nourish Vitals from FBN

The right nutrient balance is essential to a successful yield. Farmers First™ Nourish Vitals™ from FBN delivers a carefully balanced nutrient ratio to help address in-season needs while preventing unwanted nutrient antagonism. Approved for use on corn, soybeans, cereal grains, oilseeds, and many specialty crops, it can help produce nutritionally optimized plants ready to withstand abiotic stress. To purchase Nourish Vitals and enhance your crop yield this season, visit 

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