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Improved Quail Varieties CARI UTTAM (Broiler Quail)

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25 June 2023, New Delhi: Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) has created a huge impact in the poultry sector and many commercial quail farms have been established throughout the country, both for egg and meat production. CARl has been a nerve center for the introduction of this poultry species from abroad way back in 1974, its multiplication, genetic improvement, development of quail production technology, and dissemination far and wide in the country. Through concerted efforts, a workable package of feeding, management, and healthcare practices has been developed to support quail production scientifically. This Institute has been maintaining pure lines of quail (broiler and layer types), and their consistent supply to both public and private sectors in the country for commercial exploitation.

Production Characteristics

Body weight (4th week)150-155 g
Body weight (5th week)240 g
Feed efficiency (4th week)2.51
Feed efficiency (5th week)2.60 
Daily feed consumption25-28 g
Hatchability on total egg set70-75%
Production Characteristics

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