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How to control sucking pests and bollworms in cotton (0-60 days)

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10 July 2023, New Delhi: Central Institute for Cotton Research- Sirsa, Haryana has issued an advisory to the farmers to get higher yields of American cotton crops. In this advice, the cotton farmers have been told by the institute to save the crop from the outbreak of 0-60 day sucking insects and caterpillars and to control these insects.

Control of white fly in cotton

For monitoring and management of whitefly, 40-50 yellow sticky traps (low cost) per acre should be installed in the month of July-August and for monitoring of caterpillars, 2 pheromone traps should be installed per acre when the crop is 40-50 days old and three consecutive times. Apply effective control with recommended insecticides if 8 moths per trap of pink bolls appear for the night or 10 percent of green bolls for 10 rosette flowers or other bollworms.

Control sucking insects and caterpillars with neem oil

Neem oil or neem-based insecticide (300-1500 ppm) 5 ml for the control of sap-sucking insects and caterpillars which reach the economic threshold in the 0-60 day stage. Make a solution of 1 liter of water and 1 gram of washing powder and sprinkle 1-2 times.

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