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Cotton (0-60 days): Seed and soil-borne diseases: How to control bacterial blight diseases?

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10 July 2023, New Delhi: Central Institute for Cotton Research – Sirsa, Haryana has issued an advisory to the farmers to get higher yields of cotton crop. In this advisory, cotton farmers have been told by the institute about 0-60 days of seed and soil-borne diseases and bacterial blight and proper care of the crop to protect the crop from spoilage.

Control of seed and soil-borne diseases

Seed treatment with Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5% DS @ 3.5 gm, Pseudomonas fluorescens WP @ 10 gm or Fluxpiroxad 33.3 @ 1.5 ml per kg seed or Tetraconazole 11.6% W/W @ 1.5 ml per kg.

TrichodermaSPP 1 percent WP @ 5-6 grams or Carbendazim 50 WP @ 2 gm per liter of water, drench the ground near the initial diseased plants and surrounding plants with a fungicide solution.

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