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Maximise spring barley yield and quality with seed treatment

01 December 2021, UK: Maximise spring barley yield and quality with seed treatment

Don’t underestimate the need for a seed treatment

Seed and soil-borne pathogens present the first risk in the cropping year. They have the potential to significantly reduce the number of healthy plants able to establish and are a long-term risk to yield and quality. The use of a seed treatment is the only way to control most seed and soil-borne diseases such as loose smut and leaf stripe. VIBRANCE® Duo is registered for use as a seed treatment on spring barley, spring wheat and spring oats.

Building a resilient crop with VIBRANCE Duo

The presence and impact of these diseases is often not seen until ear emergence when it is too late to control them and they can easily spread and infect neighbouring crops. If untreated seed is routinely grown and re-sown these diseases can multiply exponentially potentially resulting in complete crop loss after just a few generations. In addition to controlling seed and soil-borne diseases, establishing good root structures can build a more resilient crop which is important in spring cereals. When you purchase your seed, you don’t know what conditions your seed will be drilled into, or the weather for the remainder of the season. Recent seasons have seen extremes of weather including dry spring conditions which can lead to plant stress. This can be a particular challenge on typically lighter soil types used for growing malting barley

Trials insights

Syngenta trials show that the “VIBRANCE effect” seen in wheat, can also be found in srping crops. Below are some examples of improved rooting and establishment of LAUREATE spring barley.