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Seed treatment shows benefits in the North and Scotland

Improved establishment and rooting in hybrid barley with VIBRANCE Duo seed treatment. 

18 July 2021, UK: Wheat and barley growers looking for reassurance of improved crop establishment and rooting should look to the large and growing database of trials results on the seed treatment Vibrance Duo, says Syngenta field technical manager, Dr Jonathan Ronksley.

This includes this current seasons trials data from Montrose, Scotland, that has shown a 27% increase in root weight as well as a 31% improvement in foliage weight where seed was protected with a Vibrance Duo-based seed treatment versus using an alternative seed treatment. What’s more, this was in hybrid barley – a crop that is already recognised for vigorous rooting, Dr Ronksley points out.

“After the expense of planting a cereal crop, the colder and wetter autumn and winter conditions that tend to be present in Scotland and Northern England mean there is a strong argument for safeguarding seedling establishment with a well-proven seed treatment,” says Dr Ronksley.

“Not only do cold and wet conditions hinder early crop growth but they also favour the seedling blight diseases of Fusarium and Microdochium, which can cause serious seedling losses.

“Vibrance Duo has excellent activity against these diseases, but it is also well-recognised for helping crops develop greater root mass. Indeed, the amount of trials information available across wheat and barley showing improvements not only in crop establishment but also in rooting and yield from using it, is compelling.

“As well as the Montrose results, for example, further trials results on hybrid barley from the 2019/2020 season at Berwick-upon-Tweed showed that compared with 189 plants per metre2 with an alternative seed treatment, 210 plants per metre2 were established in the winter where Vibrance Duo was used. Moreover, in this same trial, there was also a 36% increase in rooting in March (pictured) and, at the end of the season, a 0.77 t/ha increase in yield with Vibrance Duo use.”

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“Vibrance Duo can be used on seed of winter wheat, spring wheat, winter triticale, winter rye, spring oats, winter barley and spring barley. It can be used on seed of barley grown for malting but cannot be used on barley seed crops grown for certified seed production,” Dr Ronksley notes.