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Three Benefits of Pointed Savoy Cabbage

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08 August 2023, UK: Cabbage growers have an opportunity to differentiate their products – all with the same growing conditions and agronomic requirements as regular cabbage. Pointed savoy cabbage by Syngenta Vegetable Seeds features savoyed leaves and a unique point that includes not only consumer benefits, but potential agronomic advantages as well.

Savoy cabbage is sought for its sweet flavor and crisp bite that maintains its crunch and serves as an excellent base for salads and slaws. Plus, the crinkly leaves of a savoy cabbage contain higher amounts of iron, according to Michigan State University.

Syngenta’s new pointed savoy cabbage features defensive traits, easier harvest, and an enjoyable eating experience.

1. Pointed savoy cabbage is designed to avoid damage from disease and pests

The pointed savoy cabbage features dark green, waxy leaves on the outside closed to a point, which helps keep insects and diseases out. This allows the inner, lighter green core to stay healthy and strong.

These varieties have heads that grow high on the stem, which means less contact with the soil throughout the season. This cleaner growing environment protects the crop from disease in soil.

“The health in general is very strong for this variety,” said Twan Groot, breeding project lead for Syngenta Vegetable Seeds. “The wind can go underneath the plant which better protects against fungal diseases because the environment is less damp and conducive to this type of disease.”

2. Pointed savoy features easier harvestability

The high stems on the savoy pointed cabbage also allow for an easier harvest a quick and easy cut and it’s ready to go. And during a busy harvest season, growers can take advantage of a longer harvest window without decreased crop quality.

In addition, it is uniform in the field and showcases consistent yield potential.

3. The size, shape, and taste meet consumer demands

The savoy pointed cabbage is ideal size for one-time consumption. This helps minimize food waste, making it an attractive choice for consumers. It can be stocked on shelves with or without plastic packaging, offering flexibility for grocers.

“The core is not too long,” said Groot. “The savoyed leaves inside gives it the typical savoy cabbage taste which is preferred in certain areas.”

The savoy pointed cabbage is ideal for growers looking to provide a unique product that end users will love, a great option for grocers looking to provide unique and tasty produce, and appealing to consumers who look to reduce food waste and try something new.

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