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Syngenta launches Compendium™ fungicide, offering broad-spectrum disease control for lawn care

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Compendium features two trusted active ingredients for powerful, broad-spectrum control.

18 August 2023, USA: With the launch of Compendium™ fungicide from Syngenta, lawn care operators will have a powerful tool to help manage all of the most common turfgrass diseases. 

Compendium combines azoxystrobin and propiconazole in a strong formulation for broad-spectrum disease control from a single, more effective formulation. This will eliminate the stress of disease identification and the need to mix with other products to control all major turfgrass diseases on cool- and warm-season turf, including:  

  • Brown patch 
  • Dollar spot 
  • Fairy ring 
  • Gray leaf spot 
  • Gray snow mold 
  • Large patch 
  • Leaf spots 
  • Microdochium patch 
  • Necrotic ring spot 
  • Pink snow mold 
  • Spring dead spot 
  • Southern blight 
  • Summer patch 
  • Red thread 
  • Rust  

Compendium will also help improve overall turf quality, leading to thicker, greener, noticeably more beautiful lawns, and most importantly, happier customers.  

“Syngenta is invested in providing effective and value-driven solutions that can help lawn care companies grow,” said Carson Cashwell, lawn market manager for Syngenta. “Compendium will allow them to build broad-spectrum disease control into their service offerings to provide customers with even more beautiful and healthier lawns throughout the summer. Additionally, lawn care companies can purchase 60 gallons or more of Compendium and receive a 15% volume discount.”  

Compendium is designed to fit the agronomic and economic needs of lawn care companies by simplifying disease control and enhancing profitability with the convenience of a single product. That means one product to measure, one product to apply and fewer containers to triple rinse.   

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