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Briskway® fungicide from Syngenta re-registered for use on golf courses in California with enhanced label

28 June 2023, USA: Briskway® fungicide, the proven cooling DMI (demethylation inhibitor) and strobilurin combination, is once again available to golf course superintendents in California to control diseases with application flexibility in high-stress conditions. The latest Briskway label also features several enhancements to expand its use including:

  • Increased maximum application rate from 0.725 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2 to 1.2 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2
  • Higher maximum annual rate from 1.47 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2 to 3.6 fl. oz./1,000 ft.2
  • Increased number of annual applications from three to seven
  • Greater efficacy for curative applications
  • Greater control with no heat restrictions or growth regulation
  • Increased control of diseases including take-all root rot and fairy ring

“It’s exciting to have Briskway available in California again, especially with the enhanced label,” said Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta. “Years of research have shown that Briskway is an excellent product for disease control and is safe to use on cool- and warm-season grasses even in high heat. For California specifically, it will be a great tool for summer patch, anthracnose and much more.”

The differing modes of action Briskway offers from its two active ingredients, azoxystrobin and difenoconazole, work together at a calculated rate that performs well in high temperatures and reduces the risk of harmful side effects. Together, they enable Briskway to control a broad spectrum of diseases, including summer patch, anthracnose, brown ring patch, fairy ring and more. As the only DMI fungicide with no heat restrictions, Briskway can be applied with no concerns over phytotoxicity, thinning, unwanted growth regulation or additional stress.

“With the additional rates allowed by the enhanced label, golf course superintendents can increase their control of diseases like summer patch, fairy ring and bermudagrass decline, all with a single application,” said Ron Townsend, technical service manager for Syngenta. “Additionally, they can now use Briskway throughout the season to meet the needs of their courses and no longer have to save applications solely for summer use or for a particular disease.”

For resistance management and broad-spectrum disease control, the Syngenta technical service team has developed agronomic programs that strategically rotate Briskway with other trusted products. To find recommendations for specific turf types and regions, visit

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