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Miravis® Duo fungicide from Syngenta approved for use in California

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09 February 2021, California: California tree nut growers have a powerful new tool to protect their crops from the most damaging diseases: Miravis® Duo fungicide. This broad-spectrum fungicide from Syngenta is now registered for use on California tree nuts and delivers protection against blossom blight, brown rot, scab, shot hole, Alternaria leaf spot and other diseases that affect California growers.

“Miravis Duo is a powerful, preventive product that combines Adepidyn technology and difenoconazole fungicide for persistent control of a broad spectrum of tree nut diseases,” says Raj Iragavarapu, commercial product lead for fungicides at Syngenta. “It’s perfect for permanent crop growers, who know the health of their trees matters not just this year but for years to come.”

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The active ingredients in Miravis Duo offer durable disease protection for tree nuts and stone fruit and enhance resistance management by employing different FRAC groups. Difenoconazole, a fungicide in FRAC Group 3, is a foundational triazole with proven, trustworthy control of some of the most difficult-to-treat diseases. ADEPIDYN® technology, a FRAC Group 7 fungicide, moves through the waxy layer of leaf tissue and creates a reservoir, making it consistently persistent and providing excellent duration of control. 

Miravis Duo is a member of the Syngenta Plant Performance product line, marking its ability to improve yield potential and tree health. All Plant Performance products add benefits to plant physiology and deliver proven disease management year after year.

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