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Miravis Prime fungicide from Syngenta now registered for use on almonds in California

30 September 2023, California:  Syngenta announced today that the California Department of Pesticides Regulation approved Miravis® Prime fungicide for use on almonds. The broad-spectrum control of this fungicide will help almond growers maximize the marketable yield and profit potential of their crop.

Miravis Prime contains ADEPIDYN® technology, a FRAC group 7 active ingredient that helps control difficult-to-manage diseases such as brown rot blossom blight, scab, rust and alternaria leaf spot. Miravis Prime also contains fludioxonil, a group 12 active ingredient, making this formulation the only group 7/12 on the market. With this unique combination, almond growers now have a new tool for better resistance and rotation management and an innovative solution for more effectively fighting disease all season long.

Miravis Prime has been broadly available to growers since gaining federal registration in 2018. In addition to almonds, Miravis Prime is labeled for use on pistachios, grapes, potatoes, leafy vegetables, cucurbits, strawberries and fruiting vegetables.

“Miravis Prime fungicide is a well-known, trusted disease management solution for growers across a broad range of crops,” said Rodger Belisle, agronomy service representative at Syngenta. “Now, almond growers will have a chance to see the performance of Miravis Prime firsthand.”

With powerful preventive activity, Miravis Prime complements integrated pest management spray programs to help increase marketable almond yield, even under intense disease pressure.

“In field tests prior to registration, not only did we see our almonds thrive in terms of quality with applications of Miravis Prime fungicide, but we also saw an overall improvement in tree health,” Belisele said. “It’s rare to find a product that can fight off difficult, yield-robbing diseases and produce the highest-quality crop possible.”

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