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Ascernity® fungicide from Syngenta re-registered for use on turf in California

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02 August 2023, California: Ascernity® fungicide from Syngenta is now available for golf course superintendents to use in California again. Ascernity combines SOLATENOL® technology ― an advanced SDHI for golf course turf ― and difenoconazole, the proven cooling DMI. Superintendents can begin to incorporate Ascernity into their rotation programs again to better prevent several key diseases in cool- and warm-season turf with no heat restrictions.  

By regaining access to Ascernity fungicide, superintendents will benefit from:  

  • Excellent control of diseases like anthracnose, large patch, summer patch, brown ring patch, gray leaf spot, microdochium patch, dollar spot and more, plus suppression of rapid blight under a 2(ee) label. 
  • Long-lasting control as the cornerstone of the GreenTrust® 365 Large Patch Guarantee Program. 
  • Improved turf safety with no heat restrictions ― even in the summer under high disease pressure. 
  • No unwanted plant growth regulation, phytotoxicity or thinning.  

“The re-registration of Ascernity offers California golf course superintendents a broad-spectrum fungicide that will protect against more than 20 diseases,” said Ron Townsend, technical service manager for Syngenta. “It is a powerful tool for disease control programs for cool- and warm-season turf. Specifically in California, it will be a great tool for large patch, brown patch, brown ring patch and dollar spot control.” 

For resistance management and season-long control, the Syngenta technical service team has developed prescriptive agronomic programs that strategically rotate Ascernity with other trusted products. To find recommendations for specific turf types and regions, visit

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