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UPL SAS introduces new insecticide Argyle for Soybean and Cotton farmers in India

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14 July 2023, Mumbai: UPL Sustainable Agri Solutions (SAS), an integrated AgTech platform of UPL Ltd. has announced the launch of the new insecticide Argyle, a cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative solution, specifically designed for soybean and cotton crops. 

Argyle combines Acetamiprid 25% and Bifenthrin 25% Wettable Granules (WG), utilizing an eco-friendly WG formulation that rapidly dissolves in water, optimizing canopy coverage and efficacy. With lower dosage requirements per acre, Argyle is a cost-effective solution that promotes sustainable farming practices. The WG formulation ensures easy handling and eliminates the risk of spillage, drift, or dust formation during the application, resulting in cleaner air and soil health. It is safe for the environment and applicators, distinguishing it from other cost-competitive solutions. 

This environmentally friendly product provides effective control over a wide range of pest categories, including whitefly, aphids, jassids, semi looper, and girdle beetles. The dual mode of action of Argyle helps in preventing pest resistance, ensuring long-term sustainability in pest management practices, and minimizing the need for additional applications.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use Argyle 40-45 days after sowing in cotton and 20-25 days after sowing in soybean during the Kharif season.

Ashish Dobhal, CEO of UPL SAS, said, “We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions to farmers through innovative and sustainable solutions. With the introduction of Argyle, we aim to provide farmers with a cost-effective solution that not only addresses their pest control needs but also empowers them to adopt environmentally responsible practices, ultimately leading to better yields and increased profitability.”

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