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Corteva Agriscience launches SpadinTM (Isoclast active) for Aphid Control

08 December 2023, New DelhiCorteva Agriscience has announced the launch of SpadinTM 11.7% SC (Isoclast™ active), a new insecticide with a unique mode of action for aphid control. Its broad-spectrum activity and excellent residual control makes it an ideal addition to control aphids and protect crops and preserve yield potential.

Spadin™ operates differently from traditional insecticides, providing immediate control of aphids upon contact, ensuring a robust crop. This innovative solution belongs to a novel chemical class known as sulfoximines. Spadin™ delivers outstanding residual control, providing long-lasting protection against aphids even under challenging environmental conditions. This extended efficacy ensures steady control of aphids. With minimal impact on beneficial insects, It is a sustainable agricultural product that promotes a healthy ecosystem. The insecticide with its favorable environmental profile, degrades rapidly in soil and has very low acute toxicity to fish and mammals. This makes Spadin an excellent addition to integrated pest management (IPM) programs and an attractive replacement for other generic insecticides.

Spadin™ is currently registered for use in wheat, but in the future shall get label approvals on cotton, green gram, and vegetables. It is applied as a foliar spray and is available in both liquid and water-dispersible granule formulations.

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