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Indian farmers are using pesticides at the optimum level: CCFI

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22 February 2023, New Delhi: As per the latest finding, India ranks 2nd in the world in agricultural production having achieved $543 bn during the year 2021, only after China. India has surpassed the USA with a production of $224 bn and the entire EU at $278 bn. India is the only country with a world share of production value in double digits at 13% after China with a share of 31%.

“As per information collated by Centre for Environment & Agriculture, India consumes 61,702 tons of agrochemicals against a global consumption of  26,61,124 tons which makes India’s share at just 2%”, mentioned Mr. Harish Mehta, Senior Advisor, Crop Care Federation of India.

Agrochemical Use (As of 2020)

 Category World  India India share
 Herbicides 13,97,465 9,749 1%
 Fungicides and Bactericides 6,05,986 20,092 3%
 Insecticides 4,71,238 31,731 7%
 Others 1,86,435 130 0%
 Total Pesticides Use 26,61,124 61,702 2%
Agrochemical Use (As of 2020)

Interestingly, if we look at pesticide use category-wise, Insecticides at 51% continue to dominate the Indian agrochemical market with major consumption on cotton, paddy vegetables, etc, followed by Fungicides & Bactericides at 32% and Herbicides at 16%.

Fungicides are used to prevent or eradicate fungal infections from plants or seeds. In agriculture, they are increasingly used to protect tubers, fruits, and vegetables in the field, besides significant use during storage. They are applied directly to ornamental plants, trees, field crops, cereals, and turf grasses.

Mr. Mehta mentioned that In India, the herbicides segment is static though they are convenient to use on perennial and parasitic weeds where other methods are not effective. Herbicides can effectively be used in closely planted crops where manual and mechanical weeding is not possible. With labor becoming scarce, chemical usage should also go up. 

India ranks 2nd in the world in agriculture production with a high level of productivity in the agricultural sector, introduction and adoption of new technology, water conservation, etc, that has ensured abundant and affordable food while fostering economic growth. Though China is way ahead of India in agricultural production, India ranks 9th in pesticide use. Most other countries including the USA and those in the EU such as France, Spain, Italy & Germany use more pesticides than India on a per unit area and unit of output basis.

The data retrieved shows the USA as the top consuming country for agrochemicals at 4,07,779 tons followed by Brazil, China & others as listed in the table below:

Agrochemical Use (As of 2020)

RankCountriesUse (‘000 tons)World % Share
Agrochemical Use (As of 2020)

 “India’s crop protection chemicals consumption is one of the lowest in the world.

India 0.38 kg/ha
China 11.0 kg/ha
Japan 10.9 kg/ha
France / Germany3.7 kg/ha
UK    2.8 kg/ha
    (Source: Philips McDougall and World Bank Database)

Mr. Harish Mehta said, “This demolishes false propaganda promoted by foreign-funded activists and some allied vested interests aimed at reducing the market success of our agriculture product globally. It is worthwhile to mention that several vested interests in the world, who want to keep India backward are financing these NGOs for publishing blatant lies to create fear psychosis not only among the rural masses but also educated urban customers, housewives, bureaucrats, scientists, etc. Indian food is safe for human consumption and is accepted worldwide in exports”

India ranks 9th in pesticide use thereby proving the point that Indian farmers use recommended doze on different crop segments thereby ensuring judicious use. The role of Indian corporates has been noteworthy as the Farmer Training Programs conducted are focused on inculcating safe and optimal use of agrochemicals.

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