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New TEPERA® PLUS HD Takes In-Furrow Seed Protection to the Next Level

01 March 2021, Prussia: UPL announces the Environmental Protection Agency has granted approval for TEPERA>sup>® PLUS HD, a new liquid-fertilizer-compatible fungicide and insecticide formulation that offers exceptional protection from seedling disease and insect pressure. With Tepera Plus HD growers see consistent results in improving stand, uniformity, and plant health.

The new formulation of TEPERA PLUS HD combines fluoxastrobin, a highly systemic and residual strobilurin to control seedling and soil-borne diseases, with bifenthrin, an insecticide that defends against rootworms, wireworms and other insects before they can damage your seed or seedling roots.

This highly concentrated formulation has a base use rate of just 5.4 oz per acre and includes a higher ratio of bifenthrin than the previous TEPERA PLUS formulation to match growers’ current needs and use rates.

“Growers will find the TEPERA PLUS HD package to be a very convenient solution that fits within their in-furrow application programs,” says Andy Hurst, UPL Marketing Manager, Crop Establishment. “This new product offers a higher ratio of bifenthrin than previous formulations to better protect against yield-damaging insects.”

Proven Results in Corn and Soybeans

Results from field trials have shown exceptional performance in soybeans and field corn. In soybeans, TEPERA PLUS HD applied in-furrow improved plant health and increased yield in soybeans by an average 1.8 bu/A over untreated seed. In corn, TEPERA PLUS HD provided an average yield increase of 7.9 bu/A over untreated seed. In 117 trials, the average stand improvement for TEPERA PLUS HD has been over 1,550 plants per acre.

In addition, TEPERA PLUS HD netted a 4.4 bu/A advantage in corn over a bifenthrin alone – proof that for many growers, TEPERA PLUS HD represents an upgrade to their current in-furrow program. TEPERA PLUS HD can be applied to a wide range of crops, including corn, soybeans, canola, dry peas, dry beans, leafy vegetables, potatoes, tuberous vegetables and more.

TEPERA PLUS HD is a patented formulation technology that has excellent liquid-fertilizer compatibility, has no herbicide-insecticide interactions and is easy to use. Growers will not need extra equipment; they can just add the product directly to their liquid fertilizer or water in-furrow application at planting, and the product stays in solution with minimal agitation.

When applied in-furrow, growers will see increased early plant vigor and even germination for a healthy start to the crop. In many cases, growers can follow with a foliar fungicide application in season for maximum yield potential.

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“From UPL’s extensive research and expertise with in-furrow solutions, TEPERA PLUS HD is another example of creating innovative solutions that help growers overcome challenges at planting. We’ve taken the TEPERA PLUS product that growers have come to depend on and upgraded to TEPERA PLUS HD to offer higher levels of protection, plant health and vigor. Grower customers involved in the field trials say TEPERA PLUS HD has been a convenient and effective yield-boosting upgrade,” Hurst adds.